Because of the large variations in the operating conditions for shipping in deep-sea, coastal and inland waterways, propulsion systems are put through increasingly high demands, resulting in the demand for more and more efficient propellers.

We can advise upon and supply propeller solutions for inland waterway and seagoing vessels, including patrol/pilot boats, tugs, ferries, support and supply vessels, as well as dredging and fishing vessels.

Fixed pitch propellers as well as controllable pitch propellers can be supplied.
Propellers are always custom designed to give the best optimised performance for the vessel. This ensures that each vessel achieves the best composition for thrust, speed and fuel economy in its operation.

Also repair of damages to propellers is something we can assist with.
Minor damage already results in additional fuel consumption; we take care of repairs (in our workshop or onsite), or just polishing, to make sure the propeller performs as it should.