Ultra slim hatchesUltra dunne luiken

Ultra slim hatches


20mm high from deck. Customizable size and form. Design category A on area II. Top quality aluminium, anodized for corrosion resistance. 100% water proof- neoprene seal.


Product Description

We offer ultra slim hatches

Models/sizes available:

 MODEL      OVERALL mm            CUT-OUT  mm          BENT  rad      HEIGHT  
HSLM_1        265×265        202×202       40 mm     19 mm
HSLM_2        238×293        175×230       40 mm     19 mm
HSLM_3        238×483        175×420       40 mm     19 mm
HSLM_4        323×323        260×260       40 mm     19 mm
HSLM_5        263×408        200×345       40 mm     19 mm
HSLM_6        383×513        320×450       40 mm     19 mm
HSLM_7        478×478        415×415       40 mm     19 mm
HSLM_8        463×563        400×500       40 mm     19 mm
HSLM_9        568×568        505×505       40 mm     19 mm
HSLM_045            ∅ 485           ∅ 420     210 mm     19 mm
HSLM_055            ∅585           ∅ 520     260 mm     19 mm
HSLM_TRAPA=685,B=540,H=555a=620,b=475,h=490       40 mm     19 mm

A,a= hinged side; B,b= oposite hinged side; H,h= perpendecular


Please, send us an enquiry via info@ambtmanmarine.com, include description of the equipment you need, and other related information. In case you do not know what kind of equipment you need we can advice it to you based on your specific needs and requirements.

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