Swivelhead fairlead - 3D model

Swivel head fairleads


  • Different executions available;
  • Any size and weight

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Product Description

Swivel head Fairleads’ purpose is to wrap a cable at a right angle. It can be used in lifting, mooring and towing.

What we offer

For excellent load-moving/mooring/towing operations we supply swivel head fairleads of various sizes. We supply swivel head fairleads with breaking load from 290 to 2,900 kN. Moreover, we can customize/design special fairleads of different configurations on your request. Here is our product sheet with fairleads we supply:

Swivel head fairleards by Ambtman Marine

swivel head fairleads by Ambtman Marine with size range and properties

Please, send us an enquiry with our Enquiry form or via info@ambtmanmarine.com, include type and size of a swivel head fairlead(s) you need, and other related information. In case you do not know what size of equipment you need we can calculate it for you. In this case, please, provide us with the dimensions of your ship.

Additional products

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