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Spare parts for watermakers


In line with watermakers we supply consumables and spare parts for watermakers. In addition, we provide online and telephonic service assistance and  world-wide support and service, also for other brands.

Product Description

Any watermaker we offer requires regular preventive maintenance and  service. Filters and membranes have to be cleaned regularly and replaced periodically. Watermakers with high pressure pumps need regular oil and belt replacements. Feeding pump and filter seals have to be replaced every ~5000 hours. To keep your watermakers running efficiently we sell spare farts for watermakers we offer. Moreover, we can supply kits for chemical cleaning of the membranes.

What we offer

Spare parts for watermakers:

  • 5 micron filters/cartridges
  • 25 micron filters/cartridges
  • Benefit Package filters 7 “for water makers Y60-240 containing: 15 pieces 5µm and 15 pieces 25µm
  • Benefit Package filters 7 “for water makers Y60-240 containing: 25 pieces 5µm and 25 pieces 25µm
  • High pressure pump spare parts, oil, belts, repair kits
  • Filter sand (to use with sand filter)
  • Seals, O-rings, valves and gauges
  • Membrane cleaning kits

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Other products

Apart from spares we offer watermakers to fit any vessel: