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Propeller Shafts


All our propeller shafts are customized, we can supply up to a length of 10m and a diameter of 800mm max

Product Description

We offer ship propeller shafts

Major features :

  • Experienced design & high quality materials
  • European production
  • Proven track record various ship types

Propeller Shafts

Please, send us an enquiry via, include description of the equipment you need, and other related information. In case you do not know what kind of equipment you need we can advice it to you based on your specific needs and requirements.

Other products

We supply variety of propulsion equipment as stand alone parts and as a part of a system designed for your vessel: propellers, propeller shafts, PSS shaft sealsnozzles , rudders, steering systems.

To protect propulsion system of your ship from entanglement we offer SPURS rope cutters: propeller and shaft mounted.

To assist steering of your ship we deliver thrusters: channel thrusters, rotatable steering grid thrusters, tunnel thrusters.