Knuckle boom deck cranesKnuckle boom kranen

Knuckle boom deck cranes


For safe and reliable deck-deck/ deck-shore/ deck sea operations we offer knuckle boom deck cranes. Perfect for increased deck space due to its compact size and design. Requires more power then a regular crane, but makes up for its compact size designed for storage and maneuvering.


Product Description

We supply knuckle boom deck cranes

Major features :

  •          Creative solutions in design & high quality materials (mass-saving)
  •          In-house engineering
  •          Dutch / German production, also for the lifting winches and optional powerpacks
  •          All major classification certifications
  •          Excellent conservation options
  •          World-wide services, on existing installations as well

Other products

Also we can supply other types of deck cranes: hose handling, knuckle boom, rescue boat /life raft, service,  gantry, telescopic and A-frame deck cranes.