Full-drop windowsVolledig val raam

Full-drop windows


Enhanced weather tightness, variety of adjustment options available


Product Description

We offer full-drop windows

Key features:

  • A wiper blade type seal is fitted to the outside face of the sliding glass to provide a high degree of weather tightness;
  • Any water that does get around this seal automatically drains into the watertight box below the window where it can be drained back outside;
  • All handles are bolted through the glass for strength and durability
  • A counterbalance system can be fitted into the watertight box to allow easy opening of large heavy windows.
  • For smaller windows the friction of the seals is sufficient to hold the opening section in any position.
  • For larger windows the opening section can be secured in any position by window silencer locks which also can be used to tighten the glass against the seals for increased weather tightness.
  • Sliding/closing handle options are screw down and finger pull in small (6mm) or large (8mm) sizes.
  • Comes with needed certificates.


Please, send us an enquiry via info@ambtmanmarine.com, include description of the equipment you need, and other related information. In case you do not know what kind of equipment you need we can advice it to you based on your specific needs and requirements.

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