Low Consumption Watermaker (ECO-Model)ECO- Model Watermakers

Low consumption watermaker (ECO – Model)


Energy recovery watermakers designed for boats where energy available is very limited, produces from 35 to 150 litters per hour.  Inland and offshore application available. Bureau Veritas and ISO 9001 certification.


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Product Description

ECO-model watermaker is the smallest watermaker we have in our product portfolio. The watermaker is small by size, electricity consumption and by production capacity, moreover, one of the key features of this watermaker is low energy consumption. Therefore, this small watermaker will perfectly fit your boat or sailing yacht and will not drain your small battery and will be easy to install and service.

We sell different variations of the watermaker with different voltage, consumption and output. Moreover, several modifications of this low capacity & consumption watermaker are available: dual voltage, with remote control or automatic flushing. In addition, we sell spare parts and consumables for this watermaker.

What we offer

Two versions are available:

  • ESB: basic manual version
  • ESW: Automatic version, includes automatic salinity control.


  • Low-pressure seawater feed pump;
  • Desalination module;
  • 5 Micron filter


  • Remote control (ESW);
  • Automatic flushing (ESW);
  • Dual voltage;


CapaciteitModelVoltageAfmetingenElek. verbruik.Gewicht
BatterijSingle Phase
35 L/hECO 35/1212 VClick here12A41 kg
ECO 35/12A
ECO 35/2424 V6A42 kg
ECO 35/24A
65 L/hECO 65/1212 V25A49kg
ECO 65/12A
ECO 65/2424 V12,5A49kg
ECO 65/24A
105 L/hECO 105/12A12 V34A63 kg
ECO 105/24A24 V17A64 kg


CapacityModelBatterySingle PhaseDimensionsElectricity ConsumptionWeight
30 L/hX30/1212VClick here31A34 kg
30 L/hX30/2424VClick here25A36 kg
30 L/hX30/230230 or 115 VClick here1kW38 kg
50 L/hX50/1212VClick here31A40 kg
60 L/hX60/2424VClick here25A42 kg
60 L/hX60/230230 or 115 VClick here1kW44 kg
90 L/hX90/230230 or 115 VClick here1kW50 kg

Other products

Apart from this watermaker we offer other models to fit any vessel:

  • X-model – 30-90 liter per hour;
  • Y-model – 60-300 liters per hour;
  • D model – 1.5 – 64 cubic meter per 24 hours.

In addition, we supply spare parts and consumables (filters, membranes, seals, cleaning kits, etc.) for all above listed desalinators.