Channel ThrustersKanaal boegschroeven

Channel thrusters


Channel thrusters with full 360° reversible rotation, suitable for any types engines and giving fast manoeuvring on full power. Optional 2-4 channels. Can be requested up to 1.250 KW


Product Description

We offer ship channel thrusters

Major features :

  • Drive options electric and hydraulic, combined EH, diesel-driven,
  • Multiple options for controls and monitored operation
  • Dutch production
  • Short delivery times
  • Quick adjustments/repairs possible
  • World-wide repair and service for existing products and applications (also other brands)
  • Easy and strong construction giving lifelong service
  • Reduce the ships overall operating costs.
  • Always generate thrust, even when the vessel sails ahead at full speed.
  • Optional with 2-4 channels
  • Minimal maintenance required


Please, send us an enquiry via, include description of the equipment you need, and other related information. In case you do not know what kind of equipment you need we can advice it to you based on your specific needs and requirements.

Other products

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