Capstans/ winches for anchoring


  • Windlasses / Anchoring capstans for excellent anchoring operations 
  • Wide range of options
  • Customizable products (on your request)
  • Equipment advise


Product Description

Anchoring winches (windlasses) are designed for one singe purpose: to drop and to lift an anchor. To handle an anchor chain anchoring winch is usually equipped with a chain (gypsy) wheel or anchor cable drum. In addition to the anchoring windlasses there are capstans: winches with vertically aligned axel.  However, in many cases winches capstans for combined (anchoring+mooring) operations are installed on a ship. Here is an example of an (combined) anchoring windlass:

winch for anchoring


What we offer

We design and supply anchoring windlasses and capstans of different configurations up on your request.

Major features :

  •          Creative solutions in design & high quality materials (mass-saving)
  •          Advice on optimised deck arrangement design and winch applications for the intended operation
  •          Drive options electric, hydraulic (optional powerpack), combined EH, diesel-driven, pneumatic, manual
  •          Multiple options for controls and monitored operation (load sensing, self-tensioning, etc.)
  •          Dutch production
  •          Short delivery times
  •          All major classification certifications
  •          Excellent conservation options
  •          Repair/overhaul  and service on existing winches, also for other brands


Please, send us an enquiry via, describe what kind of windlass you need: required pull, preferred drive, chain/ line diameter, anchor mass/ mooring line length, and other related information. In case you do not know what type of equipment you need we can calculate it for you. In this case, please, provide us with the information about your ship.

Other products

In addition, we supply HHP anchors: AC-14, POOL, SPEK and others on your request.

As alternative to chain cables we offer steel wire rope cables. In order to handle your anchor(s) and chain(s) and to equip your deck with machinery we design and deliver anchoring windlasses and capstans.

In addition to our anchoring equipment we offer mooring solutions: synthetic fiber ropesDyneema ropes, variety of deck fittings and mooring winches and capstans. Moreover, we offer combined winches and capstans applicable for both anchoring and mooring. If none of our anchoring/mooring winches/capstans solutions does not fulfill your needs, we are capable to design a special winch  of basically any application to fulfill your request.