Anchor-chain-mooring line calculator by Ambtman Marine (for inland ships acc. to BV)

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Dear Clients!

We would like to introduce a new tool that will help you to calculate properties of anchors/chains/mooring cables you need to use on your ship based on dimensions of your vessel. The properties will be calculated according to BV rules for the Classification of Inland Navigation Vessels (NR217) available for a reference here.

The calculator is available here: Calculator

It is really easy to use. Simply enter your ship’s dimensions and displacement into corresponding fields and select what calculations you want to see, in addition you can play with different types of anchors and/or weight distribution between two anchors to see all possible configurations you can install on your ship.

Brief overview of possible calculations:

  1. Theoretical anchor mass;
  2. Discounted mass of one and/or two anchors;
  3. Chain cable/wire rope breaking load and length;
  4. Stern anchor properties;
  5. Mooring cable properties.

Moreover, you can email a calculation for the future reference.

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