We deliver standard or custom built reverse-osmosis water treatment equipment for sustainable water of the right quality. Helping our clients from production to consumption we supply water treatment installations for offshore and all kinds of vessels such as general cargo, naval, cruise, river and fishing vessels. Also specific industrial applications have our solutions in their processes.

Reverse osmosis is a process that takes the salt, and particles before that stage, out of seawater or brackish water through the use of a semi-permeable membrane. This membrane allows molecules of water to pass through and blocks the salts as well as all the organic compounds. The water that passes through it is purified, often minerals are added and is thus drinkable.

The watermakers have been designed for desalination of sea or brackish water or cleaning of river water using reverse-osmosis in order to produce fresh water or industrial water. Units are supplied up to a capacity of 1500m³ per day, and plug and play type of containerized units are optional.
These watermaker units are suitable for intensive use due to their simplicity, high grade components and durability. Units are easy to install and use, and no specific skills are requested to operate our watermaker equipment.

We also offer installation support and commissioning as well as maintenance support.