Fuel additive

Every engine differs in its own individual performance. Diesel additives are able to adjust and adapt to your own use. The diesel additive that we supply offers positively predictable results, a care for your engine that is developed and produced in Europe for the fuels used in Europe, a good price, a clear story as to what the composition is and the goals that we can deliver to our customers.

Bright element raises the cetane number in your diesel. A cetane number gives a numeric value of automatic combustion. The everyday diesel that is bought from a petrol station has a cetane number of about 50. Any promotion of this number betters the combustion, and lowers the amount of fuel used, emissions are lowered and a significant improvement to ‘cold starts’ will be attained.

The cleaner in the product is a combination of detergents that in a controlled manner help to remove coal deposits, thus cleaning the fuel system, injectors and combustion chamber. Your engine remains clean and efficient.

The lubricant in the additive is to lubricate and protect the fuel pumps and injection system.