Warping rollers

The standard deck roller is a warping roller, sometimes referred to as fairlead (roller).
Ambtman Marine delivers warping rollers in various models and sizes, with mainly in stock all sizes according to DIN 81906, and a large stock of warping rollers according to the VIS38 standard.

Most types of warping rollers are normally cast iron and are built with synthetic and bronze bearings, providing an excellent long, near maintenance free working life.
All come with the option to easily remove the rollers from their shafts.
Other materials for the roller, such as aluminium, (antimagnetic) stainless steel or composite, are optional.

Ambtman Marine B.V. rollers can be raised from the deck applying:
– pedestals according to DIN 81907; the bases can vary in height and form, standard cylindrical (model A), and conical (model B), and even cut at an angle to minimize the installation time on deck.
– square pedestals similar to the sizing/dimensioning according to DIN 81907
– on top of bollard’s legs.
– any custom built foundation/socket, for example enabling 2 or 3 rollers to be next to each other in a foundation that can be welded directly to the deck, or arranging the required height/angle enabling the best situation for incoming/outgoing cables/ropes.