Ambtman Marine B.V. double bollards are produced according to the ISO 13795 standard type A and type B. To prevent the rope from rising up each tube, a lip-plate is attached. Reinforcement plates have been installed in the base of the bollard. The foundation construction of the bollards can be welded straight onto the deck.
As our standard supply condition, a stopper eye is provided on both sides.
Specific demands from customers enable Ambtman Marine B.V. to also supply double bollards according to the DIN 82607, NS2584, and JIS standards.

If requested custom-built bollards can be designed and produced, for example single bollards, and cruciform bollards according to DIN82604 and double cruciform bollards according to DIN82603. The bollards can also be delivered in combination with warping rollers mounted onto the top of the bollard.

The SWL is the load that can be applied and still obtain the most efficient service and also prolong the life of the rope/cable.

Flat Bollards
Flat bollards also known as barge coupling bollards are produced according to EN 14965 standard. This European Standard specifies dimensions, material, design and designation of flat bollards used preferably for pushing vessels and pushed barges and for guiding and connecting ropes of coupling devices. Besides this standard cast version available from stock, we provide custom build constructed solutions to match other sizing/strength requirements.

Recessed shell bitts
Ambtman Marine B.V. provides a range of recessed shell bitts according to ISO standard(13799). The shell bitts are inset into the ship’s hull well above the water line and are also ideal for mooring by other, smaller vessels, used during transfer from one vessel to another, or at static mooring facilities. Besides this standardized cast version, Ambtman Marine also provides custom build constructed solutions to match other sizing/strength requirements.

Towing bollards / strong points
For specific towing applications we provide, from stock and under class certification, towing bollards and strong-points for 100 and 200 tons towing operations. For more information check our towing section.