Ambtman Marine B.V. supplies anchor chain cables, which are a large component within our range of supply. We offer the full range of ISO 1704 studlink chain sizes from 12.5mm through to 114mm, and can be supplied in grades U2 & U3 for anchor chain for ships. Besides this, studless chain, specific hoisting solutions, as well as specific offshore grades for offshore anchoring (mooring) applications can be supplied.

Our marine chain cable, as all chain fittings,  can be supplied with test certification to all the major relevant class societies.

All relevant links, swivels and shackles, such as the commonly used kenter shackle, pear shaped connecting links, D-type anchor shackles, swivel forerunners and combined swivel/shackles can also be supplied allowing the chain to be joined together and to the ships anchor etc. Stud link marine chain cable are normally delivered in lengths of 27.5 meters  but can be cut to size if required.

Chain cable can be supplied with bituminous primer, or galvanized.