Anchor end connection

The last link of the anchor chain is connected to the vessel by the end connection. During emergency situations on board, safety is paramount, and the chain can be disconnected without having to cut it. The chain will break loose in case of overload by means of the lock plate designed for this case.

The end connection is welded to the wall of the chain locker and the last link can be manually connected/disconnected by operating the spindle on the end connection.

Ambtman Marine B.V. also engineer, design and supply both standard and custom built end connectors. The lock plate in the end connection has been especially designed to be able to withstand a force of not less than 15% nor more than 30% of the minimum breaking strength of the chain. With a DIN 81860 standard solution starting from 36mm of chain, Ambtman Marine B.V. also provide custom built solutions for both this standard range of chain sizes of DIN 81860, and smaller diameters of chain. Delivery with classification society certification (single or type approval based) is possible.