Ambtman Marine is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of maritime equipment, based in Groningen, The Netherlands. Originally started in 2006 as representative for several marine equipment suppliers, nowadays Ambtman Marine is also producing specific marine and offshore equipment.

Our equipment can be found on all kinds of vessels:

– dry cargo vessels
– tankers
– ferries / cruise vessels
– navy
– offshore
– inland shipping, including river cruising
– dredging
– workboats
– fishing
– yachts
– etc.

Our products are being supplied and serviced world-wide; besides shipyards, also ship-owners, management companies, trading companies, etc. are buying equipment and services from Ambtman Marine. Most of our customers stayed with Ambtman Marine after we were able to provide a quick and suitable result for a special problem, where our colleagues have not been able to offer a solution. We are proud to say that after the initial contact, nearly all enquirers will remain customer for other vessels and projects, and usually for a wider scope of supply.

We are known for our good quality and excellent service: we aim for quick responses and believe strongly in a 24/7 reachability. If we cannot handle the request, we will say this up front; if we say that we will do it, it will be done, always, no excuses, no concessions to the agreement: yes means yes.

In quite some countries and areas we have local representatives who can inform you about the products and services; in case of any request, do not hesitate to contact us. Either our local colleague will contact you, or we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our dedicated team provides an excellent platform from which your request will be handled. We are looking forward receiving your next enquiry!

Company details:

Ambtman Marine B.V.
Scandinaviëweg 7
9723 BW Groningen
The Netherlands
+31 (0)88-26 28 600
+31 (0)88-26 28 699
Warehouse address:
Gieterijweg 17
3089 JZ Rotterdam
The Netherlands
Chamber of commerce:
630 241 95
NL 855 059 850 B01
NL32 ABNA 0537 0842 31