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We deliver a wide range of deck machinery: anchor windlasses and capstansmooring winches and capstanscombined winches and capstans to handle both anchoring and mooring operations. Also, we offer customization options and literally capable to design any winch that will fit your requests. Along with our anchoring and mooring winches we supply variety of HHP anchors (SPEKPOOLAC-14, etc.), chains (grades 1, 2 & 3), steel wire ropes, mooring lines (synthetic fibre & Dyneema). In addition, you can equip your deck with our chocks (DIN/Panama), bollards (doublecruciform flat), roller fairleadswarping rollers, and other certified or custom deck fittings. In line with our anchor/mooring  solutions we deliver other deck and cargo handling equipment. We can supply the equipment as stand-alone items or as part of a system designed especially for yourApart from our deck equipment products, we supply variety of ship windowsdoors and hatches. In our product portfolio you can find water– & weather tight doors and hatches, fire-proof doorsheavy and light duty maritime doors, classic hatchesdeck hatchesaluminium hatches. In addition to our ship doors and hatches, we offer glazing options: bondedfixedhinged, slidinghalf– & full-drop ship windows. And to complete our access products we deliver ventilation solutions.To move your ship forward we supply ship’s propulsion equipment: nozzles, propellers, rudders, shafts & steering systems. To achieve excellent maneuvering of your vessel we deliver ship thrusters of different models and configurations: tunnel, channel and rotatable thrusters. Also, to protect your propulsion systems from entanglement we supply SPURS rope cutters: shaft and propeller mounted.To have a reliable source of fresh water on your ship we offer variety of watermakers. We can supply desalinators with production capacity from 35 liters per hour up to 64 cubic meter a day. To keep your watermakers operate well we offer spare parts and consumables